Translator mistakes: both funny and sinful!

November 3, 2021

Each of us makes mistakes at work sometimes. Some mistakes of the translators can be corrected right away, while no one saw anything, but for some the bosses summ

on them to the carpet and seriously reprimand them. But who would have thought that even true professionals who have been doing what they love for a long time also sometimes make mistakes!

And okay, if no one notices her, but there are such egregious mistakes that have become known all over the world. Many of them were admitted in large American companies, where in-house translators did not take into account the peculiarities of the language and english to telugu translation in other countries of the world. So let’s laugh together

1. Major American car manufacturer – General Motors – suffered a fiasco, selling one of its cars – Chevrolet Nova in Latin America. And what is so strange about that? And the thing turned out to be that “No va” in Spanish means “does not go.” Poor Latin Americans were simply afraid to buy such a “masterpiece”.

2. An even more amusing incident happened with an advertising campaign for American beer Coors, which was promoted under the slogan “Turn It Loose”, which can be translated as “Be free.” Unfortunately, in Spain, this beer was not sold due to the funny translation of this particular phrase, which in the Spanish translation sounded like “Relax the sphincter”.

3. A similar case took place in Germany. It happened with deodorants from the Clairol company. Their name Mist Stick (“Misty deodorant”) simply could not be used in Germany, because the word “mist” is translated from German as “manure”.

4. After the American giant Pepsi used its new advertising slogan in China, most Chinese people were unpleasantly surprised. This happened due to the mistake of the translator, who translated the phrase “Come Alive With the Pepsi Generation” as “Pepsi” will revive your ancestors. ”

5. After American Airlines installed new leather seats in its planes and ran an advertising campaign to highlight the event, the number of Mexicans flying through it dropped significantly. This is due to the incorrect translation of the phrase “Fly in Leather”, which in Mexican sounded like “Fly naked.”